Most Importantly…

I completed week 11 of chemo this week!

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Other than chemo brain, hair loss (which you’ve already heard about ad nauseum from me), continued GI issues, taste changes and the beginnings of neuropathy, I’m doing pretty darn well.

I’ve finally accepted that if I eat a very mild diet I can hold off diarrhea most of the time. This means a lot of potatoes, pasta, rice, bananas, and my favorite of late, English muffins. I’m not sticking to a strict BRAT diet, but the mild stuff definitely makes my body happier. When that doesn’t work, there’s always Immodium.

The neuropathy is a relatively new thing. Thankfully, this is very mild at the moment. I started to feel some numbness in my finger tips and toes about a week ago, and Nurse M told me this is a very normal way for neuropathy to start. My nail beds have been intermittently sore for a couple weeks, which is also par for the course. This hasn’t had much of an effect on me yet, other than having to use a utensil, rather than my fingers, to pop the tops of soda cans. I keep my nails very short, which mostly prevents any unintended snags (such as what happens when pulling up a blanket to make the bed) that aggravate the finger/fingernail pain.

Long story short: I’m doing remarkably well for someone who’s had 11 weeks of Taxol. Only four weeks to go!

Thanks for all the love and support, all. I feel it.


Most Importantly…

3 thoughts on “Most Importantly…

  1. Jen F. says:

    With you in spirit every step of the way, Sunshine! Your sunshine blasts throughout your incredibly honest and humorous (when you can muster it) accounts of your journey. Let’s start a new movement: Rewind 2017 and find a different timeline to follow!! You know I’ll be a founding member… XOXOXO Jen F.

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