The Eyes Have It

This hair loss business is so odd. The little hairs on my head keep growing, albeit slowly. I have a fuzzy covering of short hairs. Kind of like a peach, but, ahem, mostly gray. (Maggie, you just may get your wish.)

There is one very odd and noteworthy detail about this hair growth: the dark hairs are growing *much* more slowly than the grays. Can anyone make sense of this?

I still have my eyebrows, and though my eyelashes have thinned, they’re still present. Sure, when I apply mascara I have to wipe half of it off my eyelids, but there are still enough wisps of hair to make this practice meaningful. To me.

This will be week 10 of chemo, so I’m going to chalk this all up as a win.

Oh, and this, too: I met long-lost friends for lunch in Newport last weekend. I got dressed up for the occasion, wearing a long, flowing white dress and a big black hat. I wore red lipstick. As I entered the restaurant a woman who was leaving stopped and said to me, “you look like a celebrity!” (It was Newport, after all, I suppose such a thing would be possible.)

It made me feel like a million bucks, and I’d like to tell you that I gave her a sly smile and said, “maybe I am.”

But anyone who knows me already guessed that I did no such thing. Rather, I thanked her, and said, “oh, I’m just hiding my bald head.”

The Eyes Have It

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