Oh, My Head

It hurts. Not from a headache or because I knocked it against a short overhang as I stood up.

Not like a hangover, thank god.

It’s more like my hair hurts. Or, rather, my hair follicles hurt. If you’ve ever worn a hat too long or, if you have long hair, left a ponytail in for a long time, you might know what I mean.

Over the past few days I’ve started wearing head scarves, mostly to limit the piles of hair that accumulate around me like I’m Pigpen from Peanuts, just with hair instead of dirt.

I have two lovely head scarves sent by my friend C. One is a purple batik, the other a soft, rayon-y confection that I suspect will feel really good on my bald head when I get there.

By happenstance, C’s package arrived on the same day as a package of head wear I had ordered from the same company. I highly recommend this company, by the way: headcovers.com. The packages arrived with these nice little magnets and pink ribbons. 

So now I have the two scarves from C, a bright red one I bought, and two “snoods,” a decidedly funny name for a soft little slouchy cotton hat. Instead of screaming “I have cancer!” these snoods let off more of an “I’m trying to look hip!” vibe. Small improvement, but I’ll take it.

Another dear C friend brought me to treatment last week and we decided to go a little early so we could check out the wigs at DF’s little store. They’re still between wig fitters, but we looked at their small selection of costume wigs. C bought one of them for me. Which one do you think we went with?

If you guessed pink, you’re right! The long one is too reminiscent of my real hair and the orange one made me look like Wendy of the burger chain. But the pink one! What fun!! I’m excited to wear that little cutie. But probably not until I finish losing this hair, b/c I don’t want to have anything on my head right now if I’m can help it. Those damn follicles.

Oh, My Head

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